Being eco-friendly or environmentally friendly is becoming more and more important. Eco-friendliness promotes green living, helping to conserve energy and resources and also prevents air, water and noise pollution. This assists our environment as well as supporting human health and wellbeing.

The AIFS 2020 Conference is prioritising sustainability.

We have implemented the following initiatives:

  • eliminating plastic pockets for conference badges
  • providing environmentally sustainable bamboo lanyards
  • providing reusable shopping bags instead of satchels
  • printing on recycled paper
  • providing a conference app to reduce print material
  • using electronic signage instead of banners
  • requesting exhibitors use materials that can be recycled 
  • providing water stations so delegates can refill their water bottles
  • offering environmentally-friendly giveaways at AIFS’ booth (bamboo pen, recycled note book, metal straws)
  • providing a recycle station where participants can drop off unused or unwanted satchels, handbooks and other materials during and post conference.

Green venue
We’re pleased to also share that the venue, the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), was the first centre in the world to be awarded a 6-Star Green Star environment rating by the Green Building Council of Australia for the Convention Centre’s innovative environmental design and operational design. The MCEC offers a sustainable menu with ingredients sourced from local Victorian producers and specifically tailored for each event. To find out more about sustainability at MCEC, visit: