Melbourne is a creative, exciting, ever-changing city. The city has an unrivalled calendar of major events, a progressive dining scene, hidden laneways and art spaces, and unique regional escapes that are just a short drive away.  

Delegates to Melbourne will have no trouble filling their downtime when in town for the conference and will find it easy and convenient to experience the energy and vibrancy of the world’s most liveable city.

With regular medal-winning appearances in The Economist’s Most Liveable Cities list (taking the top award for seven consecutive years) Melbourne has a right to be boastful. But despite its temperate climate, safe streets, cosmopolitan lifestyle and beautiful setting, locals remain low-key about their city. They know that Melbourne is Australia’s undisputed event, sport, culture and food capital; a city with a European approach to style and a lifestyle that puts it in the fast lane. No need for show.

Australia is famed for being free of social and political turmoil and filled with sun, surf and beaches, unique flora and fauna, and warm, friendly people. And nowhere will you find these qualities more evident than in Melbourne. A modern multicultural, metropolis of four million people, it is a city that has made blending business with pleasure a sophisticated art form and a way of life.

There are plenty of things to do in Melbourne. Easily navigated on foot, the city’s confidence and success are infectious; whether you’re working or relaxing with colleagues and new friends.

Melbourne’s airport has more than 300 international and over a thousand domestic arrivals per week, providing superb access from across Australia and the world. Integrated public transport and centrally located facilities combine to make Melbourne the perfect destination.

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